Simon Broadley


Creative custom web app development
I'm here for when you can't find an off the shelf app, widget or template.

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Useful web apps

0MathsSchool maths practice app

ABC HomeopathyComplementary health site with successful e-commerce channel, developed around a unique web app to help visitors make a purchase decision

I O U 4
Pocket money tracker app. Tames children

OOD2Yacht racing timing, handicap correction and series scoring app.

Less useful apps

Picture SudokuPopular sudoku generator / solver with pictures. Add it free to your website.

SwordWordA word puzzle that came to me in a dream.

Nag-a-ramOffend your friends with an anagram of their name, or start your very own conspiracy theory.

Vocabulary counterHow many words do you use in your writing? Compare your vocabulary with Shakespeare, Melville and Snoop Dogg.

Skill set