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This site has been spun off on it's own, at 0maths.com

Welcome to infinite maths: a bottomless pit of rapid fire, randomly generated practice questions across 37 topics including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, units, fractions, factors, time, money, units, geometry, area and algebra, available free, without sign up. The more you answer, the harder they get.
School level maths is not about genius, it's simply about practice.
There are no wrong answers, only answers that aren't yet right. There's no submit button - you get the next question when you get the answer right. If you really can't get it, press skip. In a lot of cases, particularly where technique is not intuitive, the skipped question becomes a worked example. A similar question is then given.
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The difficulty level will (by default) increase with every question answered correctly. Alternatively, you can use the difficulty slider at the top of the topics, and it will give you a note, by each topic to explain what makes it harder or easier.
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