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Inspired by this article. How does your writing stack up against Melville, Shakespear and Snoop Dogg?

Enter some writing (one piece of work or several) and hit count 'em. All the other examples in the above linked article and down below use 35,000 words, so for a meaningful comparison, you'll need at least that many.

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Count 'em

For comparison
The Wonderful Wizard of oz: 2,647
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: 3,356
Sense and Sensibility: 3,595,
Pride and Prejudice: 3,702,
The picture of Dorian Gray: 4,051.
Lady Chatterly's lover: 4,420
The Great Gatsby:5,011
Adventures of Tom Sawyer: 5,082
Shakespeare used 5,170 across a few plays (each shorter than 35,000 words)
Moby Dick: 6,022

There's some cheating going on. Having in depth descriptions of whale anatomy gave Melville's score a boost, and coloquial dialogue helped Tom Sawyer to vocabulary greatness. But cheating is allowed because using a large vocabulary does not make a piece of writing great (or awful).
Use the right word, not the right word's cousin - Mark Twain

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