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Producer Open Source Microsoft
Server Platform Unix, Linux, Windows Windows only
Speed of writing

PHP has a much wider range of built in functions, and a less verbose syntax, making it a much quicker language for development. Other features of PHP also greatly simplify and speed up project development:

  • type conversion - PHP converts types automatically
  • Form, session and cookie variables are available to use straight away on the page


ASP has a much tighter error checker than PHP's default. This means that error reports are more common in ASP. This is also a positive when you are learning as, unlike PHP, ASP will not allow you to get away with sloppy code.
Flexibility PHP seems to be the more flexibile language. Its open source nature means that anyone can add features as they come across the need ASP is a very rigid language - what might be efficient methodologies in PHP are completely unworkable in ASP. (ie the absence of associative arrays)
Reliability In themselves, both languages could be said to be equally reliable. However, as PHP will run on Linux and Unix, and ASP is bound to windows, the reliability of linux and unix count in the favour of PHP.
Speed of execution PHP seems faster - I am looking for resources to quantify this. Anyone?
Ease of Learning PHP is a much friendlier. Additionaly, there are more high quality online resources to help you. ASPs more rigid structure and longhanded ways of doing things may be intimidating to the beginner.
Derived from PHP syntax is derived from C++ ASP syntax is derived from VB
Stupid Gotchas PHP's gotchas are limited to idiosyncracies. PHP is a well thought through language. In an effort to debunk well established programming languages (such as C++), and monopolise standards, ASP insists on doing things their way. For the programmer, this means many wasted hours spent debugging code, before you think to wonder if, for example, calling a function from within a loop might exit the loop. I mean why? Who thought of that? Did they think they were being clever or did they just have a cruel sense of humour? There are many more gotcha's besides. Grrrrr!!!
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This comparison is made for my amusement only and we offer no guarantees of its factual accuracy. If you have any thing to add, or there's something you think is wrong, please contact us.